Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to Add Element Under Post Widget

Blog-How to Tricks - How to add element under post widget? Some of the widgets on your blog, can not be added elements. Main-wrapper (post widget), header, is an example for blog widget that can not be added some elements/widget.

Not like the sidebar and footer, we can add the widget below.

With a blog tricks below, we can add elements/widgets at some widget that in default we cannot add elements. For the example, main-wrapper/post widget (place the widgets we write a post)

How to add the element under the post widget?

Note the following picture. There's no menu 'add widget' :

Go to Layout - Edit HTML

Find this code:

<div id="main-wrapper">
<b:section class="main" id="main" showaddelement="no">

The red text, replace with:


Then save. Go to Layout - Page Element. Now you can see, there is 'Add Widget' menu available for you.

This blog tricks can be apply for other widget that have code showaddelement="no"


john said...

thanks a lot for this short useful tutorial post.its so much helpful to me.

aman said...

its useful tutorial.i found it useful.thanks for the sharing.

jusher_rey said...

thank you very very much for this tutorial ^_^

Kelsey McNanie said...

not working!!!!

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