Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Make Recent Comments

Blog How to Tricks - We have been discussed about blog tricks how to make recent post. You can read tricks to make a recent post here.

Now I will try to give blog tricks how to make recent comments in your blog.

What is the recent comments? Function of recent comments widget is to display comments from your blog's visitors.

So, when there is your visitor give comments on your post, it will appear on the recent comments.

How to make recent comments on your blog? Blog tricks to make recent comments is easy. Lets we learn together ...

First, go to menu 'Layout'.

Select 'add gadgets' at widget that you want to add recent comments

Select 'Feed'

Then there have to fill in the box to 'Feed Url'

Please fill in the box with:

Replace 'yourblog' with your blog url. Once done, then click on 'Continue'.

Next, you can set display for the recent comments. Please change the title, edit the amount of comment that will be displayed and you can also choose whether the date of comments and comment authors will be displayed or not.

If you are done, click 'Save', then preview.


Meubel dan Souvenir said...

wah G ada pilihan URL-nya ni buat komentnya

kakara said...

Nice tips
TFS friend ;)

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