Saturday, May 16, 2009

How To Create Text Area With Highlight Button

Blog How to Tricks - Blog tricks to make the text area at blogger has been discussed and learn here. We can modify the text so that the area can more easily used by visitors.

We will learn blog tricks how to make text area with highlight button. This blog tricks to make text area with highlight button make it easier for visitors to copy words / code inside the text area.

Let learn blog tricks to make text area with the highlight button.

Simply copy the code below:

<center><div><form name="copy"><div align="center"><input value="Highlight" onclick="javascript:this.form.txt.focus();;" type="button">
<textarea rows="1" cols="22" name="txt" >Write your words/code here that will appear inside text area</textarea></div></form></div></center>

Paste in the place where you will place your text area.

The result will be like this:

Try clicking on the button 'Highlight'

So all the code / words inside will automatically selected, and visitors just copy it only.

This blog tricks to make text area with highlight button is very simple and easy, but have a lot of function.

Happy blogging ..


Blogging tutorial said...

Nice post... I've been looking for this highlight code... and I found it in your blog . Thanks

Stop Dreaming Start Action said...

great Trick and share,..
Always support on stop dreaming start action Blogging Success!

Web Design Quote said...

Its a nice blog tricks to make text area with highlight button. I think this would be helpful for the others to use this in to their blog. Thanks for sharing this.

misslolliee said...

it's not working !
i clicked the highlight button
when it was already on my blog
but the codes are not highlghted !

Anime ღPui Yingღ said...

thie help thanks^^
i finding this for some period!!
now i found it!!
thank you very very much!!!

Ann said...

Thanks, that worked great! I added a CSS class to it to change the color background and add other formatting.

kerja keras adalah energi kita said...

Thanks for this great trick...
Success fr u!

mundo_idiot said...

thank for the tutorial its usefull ,

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thanks for your template and tutorial...nice share bro

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how to tricks said...

Thanks Bro Nice tutorial.

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