Sunday, June 28, 2009

Text Effect For Blog

Blog How to Tricks - Often we need some text effect to write on our blog. Giving the effect of this article have a particular purpose, for example, to give special attention to some of the words in sentences, or to write down the mathematical calculations on your blog.

There are some text effects that are easy and useful. Please try and hopefully useful!

Italic Text Effect

Italic Text Effect

<i>Italic Text Effect</i>

Bold Text Effect

Bold Text Effect

<b>Bold Text Effect</b>

Streak Through Text Effect

Streak through text Effect

<s>Streak through text Effect</s>

Highlight Text Effect

Highlight Text Effect

<span style="background:#f0ff00">Highlight Text Effect</span>

Underline Text Effect

Underline Text Effect

<u>Underline Text Effect</u>

Text with Border

Text with Border

<span style="border: 1px solid #1e00ff">Text with Border</span>

Superscript Text Effect

Superscript Text Effect

Superscript <sup>Text</sup> Effect

With any posts superscript this effect, the note will be visible to rise slightly.

Subscript Text Effect

Subscript Text Effect

Subscript <sub>Text</sub> Effect

With any posts subscript this effect, the note will be seen coming down a little.

Blink Text Effect

Blink Text Effect

<blink>Blink Text Effect</blink>


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planet aqidah said...

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Uncle Dol said...


The "blink effect" only works with Mozilla Firefox or Netscape based browser.

If you're using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, it doesn't work at all.

Anyway, nice trick info. Keep it up!

Beben said...

your forget about marquee...hihihihi ^,^

ed said...

This is 'off-topic' but how do we stop the widgets that we place above the 'blog post' section from appearing on the post pages? Really appreciate the advice:)


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Hey how do you change the color for the text with borders one?! Thanks (:

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